USAID Achive is a five-year USAID/PEPFAR-funded project that aim to enable orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) age 0-18 and young people age 18-19 to access comprehensive HIV-related services and other services for improved health, nutrition, education, protection, livelihoods, and psychosocial well-being.

USAID - Achive aims to enable more Tanzanian Orphans and Vulnerable (OVC) children, adolescents and young people orphaned and made vulnerable by HIV and other adversities to use age appropriate HIV and AIDS related and other services for improved care health, nutrition, education, protection, live hoods and psycho-social well being

Target population
The program targets Orphan and Vulnerable children (OVC) who are under 18 years and youth who are above 18.

Coverage Areas
COCODA is being sub-granted by PACT to implement USAID-Achive Project activities in Njombe Town Council. In Njombe Town Council, the program is actively implemented in 13 wards, 44 streets and 28 Villages. Such those Wards are; Njombe Mjini, Ramadhani, Mji Mwema, Ihanga, Yakobi, Kifanya, Uwemba, Matola, Lugenge, Iwungilo, Utalingoro, Luponde, and Makowo. Whereby; in Njombe District Council, USAID ACHIVE project is currently covering a total number of 12 Wards and 45 Villages, such that Wards are; Igongolo, Ikuna, Kichiwa, Kidegembye, Lupembe, Mahongole, Matembwe, Mfriga, Idamba, Ukalawa, Ikondo and Mtwango. Also USAID Achive Project is implemented in Makambako Town Council 2 Wards Lyamkena and Mahongole and 9 Villages.

Project Implementation strategy
USAID Achive Project works with; 255 volunteers namely CCWs where Male 109 and FEMALE 149 and Njombe TC Male 110 and Female 148. Various services including direct services which provided by CCWs/PSW themselves such that services are PSS, nutritional assessment through MUAC TAPE as well as child care and parenting education, also indirect services (only services which CCW/PSW are not capable to provide) are provided by linking beneficiaries to other service providers where the services can be available according to the need of beneficiary.

USAID ACHIVE Project aiming to improve and strengthening its beneficiary's financial capacity by advising them to form and join VSLG groups formed in the project so that to ensure 60 to 80 percentage of the members are the beneficiaries of the project. Not only that but also COCODA worked with National Peer Educator to ensure that beneficiaries children are reached by USAID ACHIVE services by forming different teen clubs in the community.