Phased out Projects

Project phased out with past 12 years;

  1. 2017, Save the Children –KVP Program under Global fund covered 5 councils of Njombe region, i.e; Njombe TC, Njombe DC, Makete DC, Ludewa DC, Makambako TC

  2. 2012 to 2017, Deloitte consulting-Tunajali II program covered 4 council Ludewa DC, Njombe DC, Njombe Tc and Makambako TC

  3. 2013 to 2015, JHPIEGO VMMC program covered 6 council which are Njombe TC, Njombe DC, Makambako TC,Wanging’ombe DC, Ludewa DC and Makete DC

  4. 2015, JHU Tanzania Communication and Capacity Program covered Ludewa DC and Njombe DC

  5. 2011 to 2015, Pamoja Towalee program covered Njombe TC,Njombe DC and Makambako TC

  6. 2010 to 2012, Rapid Funding Enveloped HIV prevention covered Ludewa DC

  7. 2009 to 2010, Family health Ujana Project covered Ludewa DC

  8. 2008 to 2010, Global Fund OVC Program

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