Sauti project is five years comprehensive HIV prevention project targeting Key venerable population (KVP's) funded by USAID through PEFAR fund. It is managed by JHPIEGO in partnership with Pact, engender health and NIMR. It is implemented through three key interventions that is:-
   - Biomedical intervention
   - Social Behavior Change Communication (SBCC)
   - Structural intervention

The project targeted the following Key venerable population:-  
   - Female sex workers (FSW)
   - Venerable Adolescents Girls and Young Women aged between 15 to 24 (vAGYW)
   - Partners of Female Sex workers (PFSW)
   - People With High risk (PWHR)

Sauti Anticipated results:-
    - Increase and timely use of FP prevention and FP services
    - Improve positive behaviors and social norms at the individual and community level
    - Increase sustainable comprehensive HIV interventions services to KVP's

Project contribution to the Tanzania community
Is to improve health status of all Tanzanians though a sustainable reduction in new HIV infection in support of the GT commitment to HIV prevention
Sauti project is currently operating in 14 regions with 51 councils where by it works with 20 Civil Society organisation country wise. Where by COCODA implement Sauti project under Social Behaviour Change Communication intervention covering all six councils with total of 72 wards in the regional.
These councils are Njombe TC, Njombe DC, Makambako TC, Wanging'ombe DC, Ludewa DC and Makete DC. The activities that are implemented in these districts under COCODA are all indicators which are under Social Behavioural and Communication Change (SBCC) which are SBCC classes for both AGYW, FSW. And demand creation for people who will not be reached through SBCC classes to be able to access the biomedical services

AGYW who graduated SBCC education at Isupilo village Mdandu ward showing their TOM shoes on 16th April 2018